Jordan Seah x Noah Dearborn: Dual Cover

Jordan Seah and Noah Dearborn go head-on in a series of Youtube covers with their first one being Ain’t No Sunshine (Lido Remix). The original song was written by the legendary Bill Withers.

This is the first cover that the Corretta members have done teaming up with talented videographer, Nico Manning. Nico has a rich history with cinema and videography. A lot of notoriety came when he filmed a re-cap series while he studied abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland. Noah was there at the same that Nico was. Coincidentally, Jordan studied there about 5 years prior. Here’s what Jordan, Noah and Nico had to say about the work.

“I think this is the start of an incredible partnership. Nico speaks the same language we do and functions just like us. Very productive and efficient, yet detail oriented. We look calm, but the gears are always churning . We’re constantly talking about how we can improve our process or up the ante. ” - Jordan Seah

“I definitely loved the energy of the song and the way that gave our whole tracking process a bit of a lift that we all fed off. [We are] cranking out more!” - Noah Dearborn

“[Loved] watching the final mix of the song come together while editing. The difference between the first rough mix and the one we ended up with was night and day. Bigger and better projects that are in the works”. - Nico Manning.

Watch the cover here.