About the Band


Formed in 2017, Corretta began as a solo project by lead guitarist and producer Jordan Seah. Wanting to expand, he sought out the help of drummer Noah Dearborn, vocalist Jon Gibson, bassist Colton Russell, and guitarist Brig Urias: all current or former students from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Jon and Brig graduated in music in 2016, Jordan in 2015, while Noah and Colton remain active in musical life on campus. Over the next three years, the group pooled their talents to create Corretta I.

Their debut album, Corretta I, is a 57-minute conceptual epic that fuses rock, progressive metal, blues, and classical influences to create a unique yet cohesive sound.

The album tells the story of a young man on a journey, seeking a cure for his brother’s mysterious illness. The album’s themes of hope, adventure, loss, and devotion are distilled in the group’s first single, “Stay the Course,” in which the protagonist accepts the change that his journey has brought him. The story is told through both lyrical content and adventurous instrumentals. Corretta aren’t playing it safe, and their debut has shown their willingness to push genre boundaries and defy conventions in pursuit of their musical vision.

Corretta I is available everywhere, now.